FOUND 2 heads.... Josie and Chrisy/Kenda


Hello! I recently purchased a lot of kits and 2 are missing their heads :sweat: I am not super particular so if you have heads that would fit these limbs (Josie and Chrisy/Kendal) that would work. Open eyes preferred! Heads don’t have to be perfect. They can be partially painted, used for practice rooting ect. Can pay via PayPal, shipping to Ohio. Thank you!!


I have these heads but not sure if they will fit the limbs you have. Let me know if you want them, $5 ea. plus shipping. USA.
Joey and Kyra




Thanks! I found some earlier today. This is actually my first post, do I just delete this now? :joy: or mark it “no longer ISO?” I appreciate any tips. Thanks again!


:v:t2: Thank you! :grin:


Just mark your post FOUND to end future activity to your post.


Thanks a bunch! :v:t2: