Found 1985 unpainted reborn kit .. with eyes in ..Need suggestions


Hi. I am somewhat new to reborning so there is still a lot I don’t know. I have two 18 inch vinyl, full torso dolls. They both have an I.D. stamped on the back of the neck, [MIGLIORATI] AND DATE 01-14-1985. One male and one female. They have never been painted and the vinyl is in very good condition … no marks. I want to reborn them both. The problem is that they already have eyes installed. Is it still possible to reborn with Genesis heat set paints and bake the heads the number of times needed for all the layers with the eyes in?

The other one is exactly the same just a male.


can you post pictures


Posted a pic of one of them.


Those are actually anatomically correct baby dolls that you could buy through the mail. My grandma bought both me and my cousin one. They came with a diaper, vest, hospital bracelet and hard yellow pacifier. They are similar to Jesmar dolls who are similar to berjusa who later became berenguer and now jc toys.


Just cut the back of the eye socket on the inside and take the eyes out.


If the eyes are not glass they will most likely melt shrivel up… I doubt they are glass in a play baby. You can take the eyes out and put them back in though. If you want you could buy new ones to put in.


Be forewarned if you use Genesis the vinyl those dolls are made up stinks really badly when it is heated.


I don’t remember them stinking.It’s been quite some time though.I do remember having to put a couple blue neutralizing layers on because they have that odd orange tone to them.


Lol, at least they aren’t the bright orange that my shivers doll from that era turned. I tried to reborn them when I first started about 10 years ago with air dry paints (bloomers and bows). I ended up stripping back to orange and she is sitting in a box somewhere. I really don’t think genesis will hurt your dolls but they might smell more.I agree that you should try to remove the eyes.


Back before I knew it was dangerous to heat set in the home oven, I heat set painted one of these and it smelled horrible. I would be very cautious now days about any fumes but particularly the ones from these old dolls. Just heat set them outside. I have a portable table top convection oven I set on my screened back porch for when I do any heat setting.


After reading some of the comments- I would look into painting with air dry paints. ( I use them, my daughter has asthma ). Look on YouTube for ideas. Enjoy them, they are a rare find


Depending on how they’ve been put in, you might be able to remove them. I’ve done that with Berenguer dolls with no problem. I cut around the eye sockets from the inside and popped them out. Please post pics when they’re done. I’d love to see them.


It has been a very long time since I painted one of these but I think the eyes are oval plastic eyes if I am not mistaken and will melt.