Forum not secure?

I have noticed lately that when I login to the forum my browser says the site is not secure. Two different phones, two different browsers (google and safari). Anyone else?

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It’s always said that for me. Has it ever shown as secure for you?

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@deedee2413, yes, it’s only just now started with “not secure”.

It always been ‘not secure’. Not sure how it shows on the phones as I don’t use phone for it, but on PCs and laptops it’s not secure.
I think links that requires to be secure are those that take online payments.

I’m on mobile and use Chrome. It’s always been like that for me.

Yes I get that message all the time now

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I recently started getting that message too. Using my smart phone.

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The only part that needs to be secure is the login screen or the checkout process. Where you give private information


Mine just started saying that too

Mine says not secure, but I don’t think it is important. :wink:

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Pretty sure mine has never been secure 🤷 but I’m with @missannie2 on this one :grin: