Forum Messaging Board Guidelines


Hi Everyone, please take a few minutes to read through Bountiful Baby’s Forum Messaging Board Guidelines. These guidelines are not meant to be ‘Rules’. However, because we would like to keep our forum a pleasant and nice place for everyone, these are more intended to be used as some general guidelines to ‘keep in mind’. Feel free to voice to your opinion. With that being said:

  • Anyone that is posting offensive, insulting or inappropriate content or replies will be SUSPENDED for 24 hours. After three suspensions for the same reason, a user will be banned from the forum. We would like to keep this forum a nice and pleasant, enjoyable environment where everyone is welcome.

This should also be used as a reference on which category to place a post in.

Additionally, any post can be ‘Flagged’ for being Off-topic, Inappropriate or Spam which will be reported to a moderator. If a post is ‘Flagged’, a moderator will determine if the content or post will lead to the user being temporarily suspended or not.

Also remember that you can search the forum with the in the top right hand corner on the page to see if a question you have has already been answered. :smile:

  • The Bountiful Baby Talk category is for general questions, comments, ideas and presenting dolls from personal collections, or anything that relates to general reborn doll discussions.

  • No selling or advertising under this category. Any posts regarding selling or advertising an item in this category will most likely be removed or deleted.

  • People should be allowed to post questions and comments for advice, help, opinions or critique. On the other hand, people should be allowed to freely give advice, give their opinion or critique on a post or topic.

  • Criticizing. If you are asking for critique, don’t be offended if you receive it. Criticizing is fine, but be remember to criticize the idea or topic is being posted, and not the user.

  • The Bountiful Baby Information category is going to be used for Key or Dominate Bountiful Baby Announcement threads, such as the thread:
  • Discontinued Kits
  • Out of Stock Kits
  • Countries We Ship To

  • The Bountiful Baby Announcements category is for announcements from Bountiful Baby.

  • The Reborn Tips and Questions category is for asking questions and getting/giving tips and advice on ‘how to reborn’.
  • We want everyone to feel welcome to ask and answer freely with their opinion.
  • Criticizing. If you are asking for critique, don’t be offended if you receive it. Criticizing is fine, but be remember to criticize the idea or whatever is being posted, and not the user. We are all different with different ideas, thoughts, opinions, ways and personalities whether we’re new to reborning or not. And we all are either In Love, enjoy, have interest or are amazed with Reborning! :smile:

  • The Bountiful Baby Questions category is focused for questions, opinions and ideas that are directed to Bountiful Baby regarding BB company, products or forum issues.

  • Just because a question, opinion or idea is posted here, does not necessarily mean it’ll happen. But this is to provide one place where any suggests made to bountiful baby won’t be missed and taken into consideration.

  • The Marketing, Selling, Shipping (eBay, etc.) category is for any posts regarding the marketing, selling or shipping of a reborn or reborn items or supplies.

  • The Off Topic category is for non-reborn related topics.

  • Keep in mind, this is a monitored forum and anything posted that is deemed inappropriate, offensive or insulting by a moderator will be removed and the user will be put on a 24 hour temporary suspension.

  • Off Topic is also not for selling or advertising non-doll related items.

  • The For Sale/Wanted category is for anyone that would like to post a reborn/baby/doll or reborn related item that they are selling, or is FOR SALE.
    • This category is also for posting requests for or wanted reborn/doll related items.

  • The Tutorials category is for posting and sharing tutorials and links that you think would be helping to other reborn artists.

  • The Trading Post category is for posts regarding trading reborn kits, accessories, supplies (needles, hair, limbs, etc.)

  • The Work In Progress category is to show other reborn artist your reborns that are being working on - or creations that are in progress. Any work in progress posted will most likely receive comments, advice, ideas, tips or critique. So don’t be offended if your receive it!!   :smile:

  • The Reborn Showcase category is for showing off your beautiful reborn babies!

  • This category is not nessicarily meant for advice or critique, but to show off your wonder work and ask for advice or critique is wanted.

Thank you for looking over the these guidelines. These were made do to suggestions from several people on here. We appreciate and consider our customers ideas, suggestions and opinions. We will continually try to keep this forum a pleasant and enjoyable place for our customers to come together and associate with one another.

Thank you all for being a part of our Bountiful Baby forum.


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