? for those that sew


Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows or would be willing to share with me either here or via PM - how to take an outfit (onsie) and make it for a smaller baby. Any help that someone could give me would be GREATLY appreciated. I have a 10" baby that I have been trying to make clothes for - very hard to come by for the boys (almost non-existant)! I know it can be done, just not sure how to go about it.




They sell doll clothes patterns at the fabric store that I use for some.

Some people run thin elastic through the neck trim on a preemie size T. and hem it shorter.

I have one that was shortened on the hem, sewn tighter in the arms and then down the sides of the shirt, and a pleat was made in the front of the shirt at the neck line then tacked.

Stef makes cute tiny tshirts.



Cut the onesie in half. On the top half, I cut the sleeves off and narrow the shoulder area, and cut the arm holes smaller and the sides. Lap the neck till it is smaller. Sew the arms back on after making them smaller, leaving the underarms open. Sew the sides all the way up through the underarms. Hem the bottom of the top. Add lace if you want.

Bottom half, cut off the sides all the way through the legs to the size you need. sew back up and fold over top of the bottom and add elastic. Where the snaps are will be a little big but it won’t hurt the looks.

This is what one of mine looked like when I finished.


Thank you Janie!!!


Janie that sounded great but you lost me! LOL! If I ever need one that small I will just buy it from you.