For those of you that strip with acetone


I just use cotton balls and change them frequently! The Berenguers are a breeze to strip! It is the layers of baked on Genesis that is a pain in the butt!!


you mean windsor newton paint brush clean or turpentine?


I could only find a small bottle of the WN and thought “Hmmm, I guess I will only be able to do one doll with this small amount”. I was very surprised at how well it worked and how far it went. It sort of has an oily texture to it so it “stretches”. If you haven’t taken the plunge and bought some, go for it, I was very impressed. I used it to strip an Ashton Drake doll, notorious for being shiny. In fact, he was shiny from stripping with acetone, then painted him but he ended up being shiny even with matte varnish. Ok, got the WN, stripped and repainted…huge difference and no shine.