For sell


this is the sunflower kit and used Corey limbs the sunflower will be retired on the 30th of this month. I will be listing him on ebay next week just trying to decide the price any suggestions would be nice. this is my biggest rooting job ever I used 2 different colors of human hair i should have had a professional cut his hair I’m no hair dresser i might look into have in fixed where I messed it up but then I’m afraid it will thin it out to much. it makes it look like little cow licks lol. hope you enjoy him all comments can click on the picture for a better view I do not know why its posting them that way


I think you will have better luck with his sale if you trim his hair so that it looks like a little boy cut. Good luck… I don’t have any pricing input for you… eBay is rough, even for the ladies that have been at this for a long time…


thanks im trying to fix it. at least my pics are not sideways anymore.