For sale reborn Lee Lee by Sweetie Pie Nursery


Hi Ladies,

I am selling beautiful Lee lee as I am buying a reborn Walter I have always wanted and I cant afford to have them both. She is in mint condition and is a sold out kit Laura Tuzio Ross. Lee Lee was reborned by April Yap from Sweetie Pie Nursery. I would like $350 for her postage from the uk not included or make me an offer. Pm me if you are interested. Sarah xxx

these first two photos are a good example of her actual skin colour. She will come in her original carters clothes with the other brand new items that April sent with her. She has been displayed for a very short period of time.

micro rooted hair


Sarah she is beautiful!


Thanks Debi!!! XXXX


She is gorgeous I have never seen this sculpt but yours is gorgeous!