For sale: Completed Twin B


Hi all! I’ve been trying to sell my Twin B with no luck for the past few weeks so hopefully I’ll have better luck here!

I am asking $300 plus shipping

Will come home with:
~ a sleeper

~ a onesie

~ a full outfit set

~ blanket

~ bottle

~ his coa

~ diapers


Good luck! Hes sweet




Thanks everyone! Been feeling a little discouraged as no one seems interested


so adorable! :heart::heart_eyes:


He’s Adorable!


he is SO sweet! I love his coloring! I can’t believe he hasn’t sold for you! whoever snatches him up will be so lucky!


I wish I could afford him because he is soooo sweet. I am definitely interested- just broke! But I think you did a fantastic job, Give it more time… someone will be lucky enough to fnd him and buy him.


I love how you painted her don’t be discouraged her Mom or Dad is out there somewhere!


Thank you for the kind words everyone! I’ve added more photos of him but as a girl. I definitely feel like “he” is more of a “she”