Flea Market Weekend

I setup at the Flea Market this weekend and did very well. I sold 8 babies and had 2 custom orders. At one time there were 3 of us working my booth and we still could not keep up. I wasn’t sure about setting up at a flea market or not but I am glad I did. I sold my little Maggie Yarie I had put a heart beat in her she was my favorite but I let her go. I wish I had another kit so if any of you have one they want to part with please let me know.

Congrats on your sales!!

Wow! Congratulations on your sales!

Well congrat’s, selling eight babies that’s excellent. Way to go

happy christmas money to you…lol. congrats!

That’s wonderful! Congratulations!

Awesome! Good for you!

Way to go! It was well deserved. It must have taken a long time to get that many dolls ready.

I had the priced $150.00-$300.00 with a special show price of $25.00 off regular price. I think the reason I sold so many was because it was Christmas. And I told them that the babies would go back to regular price on Monday. And even at this price I had some people ask me if I could go lower I told them no and showed them some of the prices of the kits, so if they wanted it fine and if they didn’t fine, I wasn’t going to go any lower. And I had two babies that I marked down to $100.00 because I had had them for a long time and they have the cheap mohair, but you know I didn’t sell them I sold the higher ones. As far as the rough handling that is why I had three people working my booth. We would nicely tell them to be careful also post a sign (“You break you buy”). We also had a few shoplifters woundering around our market the announced, so you really have to watch your booth. I don’t think I will do another Flea Market unless it around Christmas because you know around that time you will more than likely sell. Good luck if you try it.

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IAlso another question:
I would be worried about peopel mis handling my dolls. I have had it happen already (but not real bad,thankfuly) . Some people are jsut nto respectful of them . I had one woman jokingly slap my nicest doll I have currently, in the head !

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I am glad to see that I am not the only one!!! I have had 2 different men at two different places mistreat my doll-- but throwing it up in the air with a twirl, and then one Saturday smacked it pretty hard. All because they want to show off to someone. The man Saturday was a business man that owns a store I was in at the time. You better believe I see him in a whole different light now. Why if it “looks so real” do they get their jollies by hurting a baby???

Congratulations on your sales! That’s terrific!

Congrats on your sales! That’s so awesome!