Fixing creases in air dry?

I’ve just finished doing my creasing on BB Kimber and one foot looks AWFUL. It’s like she got slashed up with a razor. The paint dried too quickly for my patented “spit-on-a-cotton-swab” method.

Is there a way to remove it without damaging the paint underneath, soften it, or cover it?

When my creasing on the feet look awful, I take a smaller mop brush with very thinned down blush colored paint and stab it over and over very fast to kinda get this :revolving_hearts:(each heart being brush tips) then blend it really hard with a dry wedge. Hope that makes sense lol

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Oh, I get what you mean. I’ll give it a try, thanks!

If it’s not fully cured yet, you may be able to gently swab over it with some water to lighten it.


I tried that about an hour after I first painted it but it wouldn’t budge. Why is it always the wrong paint that dries fast and sticks tight? :roll_eyes:

I learned that you can use MacPherson’s vinyl putty to cover up bad spots of creasing;)

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You could try a little vodka and gently go over the crease. Or alcohol (not the 91% kind because that’ll strip the paint completely) from the pharmacy. But don’t let it run onto the rest of your paint because it will streak. Dip a tooth pick into alcohol and run it along the crease to gently remove the darker red.