Fitting Clothing~


I’m really happy for you!! Can’t wait to see that first finished baby!! Good Luck!! p.s. I AM a great grandmother to 4 little ones. Time does fly!!


Awwwwww! you are really fortunate! I’d love that! And Thank you! I just can’t wait…I know I’m already hooked, I just hope I can pull it all off half as well as all the ladies on here… everyone is so good at this! I am humbled and greatly intimidated actually… I’m excited too. jess is working to make a space for me to work comfortably so we are both readying for it. it is a challenge I am just waiting to go for! :blush:


I understand totally! I am broke all the time due to buying clothes for my ‘kids’ :wink: Can’t wait to see your baby! Do you have a name picked out?


I have few, Carribbean Azure! I was just thinking about that tonight! Funny you ask :slight_smile: I’m doing “Brittany” but have many other thoughts in my mind… I decided it might suit me best to see how he develops…and she will become who she is in my mind, and her name will become evident to me :):kissing_closed_eyes:


@GypsyRoss I too have a baby clothes addiction… isn’t it wonderful!!! Happy Belated Birthday also.


Annie~ I there are so many of these posts I want to Love instead of like LOL! This is one of :blush:them:heart_eyes:…since I’m not a stranger to dolls and have collected them all my life…i have had a tendency to buy baby clothes for them…but this project has me over the moon in getting “just the right things” for the baby. < I also had shopped for a future Tibby toddler and a baby sister> so am I piled up with baby clothes! Even my Mom brought over some things she had stock-piled away…I think she’s kind of “expecting” LOL! So, Yes, loads of fun…and will only get more fun! Thank you so very much for the Birthday wishes…I must be getting old…I forgot I had a birthday yesterday already. :joy: