Fitting Clothing~


When Fitting a body ~Generally a Newborn~ Can one generally figure a 19inch to 22’ inch newborn can fit into a 0-3 month item of clothing or should one fit the baby to the clothing per item of clothing~ YES i’m not a Mommy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: < I’m ordering a dress because I simply can’t wait…maybe…>


Go for “newborn” size.
“Newborn” is generally “19- 21 inches” and 0-3 is like 22-25 inches… (Baby clothes makers expect kids to.grow into them)

However if it is adorable and doesn’t come in newborn, real human babies are always wearing clothes slightly too big for.them as their moms buy a size too big knowing they will rapidly grow into them… So a little loose can look authentic


Thank you, Emmy, I do know that…I really like some different dresses…and I’m just like an anxious “Mom” at this point LOL! I’m looking kind of for a Chrismas dress…maybe, ya know, my first baby…near Christmas…what a deal. I’m way too hyped for my own good…:joy:


What baby is it for and we might know if we have made that sculpt.


Mary Jane ,and anyone els>it’s Brittany :slight_smile:


She typically wears newborn unless it’s a brand that runs very small.In a dress I would say newborn size.Usually the ones that wear the 0-3 are about 22 inch babies.Brittany will come out around 20 inch long when reborn.


Thank you, Mary Jane, I’m looking at Newborn sizes. :slight_smile:


Maybe I’ll just get a “Layette”…I’m going so broke…LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use newborn for 19-20" babies and 0-3 mos for 21-22" babies.


Thanks, Jeanhai! She definitely measures as a newborn at 20 inches. :slight_smile:


LOL You are slipping down into the rabbit hole with the rest of us really fast!!!


…and what a fun fall it is!


Yes, 2lays I am…there is no turning back now, I fear I’ll never have a spare dime to my name again! And I don’t care. LOL :joy:


Jeanhai~ I’m having so much fun…and my doll isn’t even here yet to start painting…the forum is fun, the prep is fun, the shopping for the babe is fun…going broke is even fun ! :joy:


Wait 'til you see how much fun it is to take your baby to the store. Just don’t do it when you’re in a hurry.


i can’t wait, jeanhai! I’m standing at the door every day waiting for the BB order to get here…then…I have to get the doll done…oh man…Ima slow worker and new at this…:grin:


Took one shopping with me today,(Landon)passed out tons of cards and spent more time talking about Reborns than shopping but worth it for the contacts.


I’m not bragging, It’s my Birthday an I’m being spoiled rotten, that’s the deal and so My guy, Jess Just sported the card for all of Brittany’s new threads!!! Oh boy, is she gonna look cute cute. < Now, let’s go, BB and the US postal service. :triumph:


Happy Birthday @GypsyRoss!! Kim you are going to have a blast when that baby finally arrives. If no one has mentioned to you yet, watch out for dark colors, they can “stain” the vinyl (I’m talking about your baby’s clothes), make sure to wash things first, specially the Dark colored clothes. So often people put dark socks on the little feet, oops, black colored toes!! I personally don’t use many “bright” colors so I’m not sure about the color transfer with those. I’m a pastel color freak! Let us know when you get that “Kid”!!


Thanks so much Lynn! :blush: So far, the clothes I’ve ordered are all i the range of baby pinks and ivory/whites. I’m also like that with the babies altho as an artist I just love bright color over all. Thank you for the advice, I welcome any and all everybody will offer, And thank so much on the birthday wishes, I wonder where the years go…I could easily be a greatgrandmother at my age, 53 today,WOW. Kinda goes over my head, but not really, especially when I remember how short m memory really is LOL! Oh, and I’ll be the first to shout it out when ma babe arrives ha! :smile: