First time reborning! Air dry paint finishing question

I am new to the world of reborns, this is the first one I’ve ever attempted and i decided to start with air dry paint (liquitex heavy body acrylics and folk art glass & tile medium) since it was more economical for me and i wasn’t sure how committed i was to doing this (I am VERY good at starting projects and not finishing them. :joy:)

I have liquitex ultra matte gel medium that was suggested to add a matte finish, but is that suppose to the thr FINAL finish? Or should I still varnish it?


Liquitex Ultra matte gel is not a final finish. It is a medium that is meant to be mixed with the paints to make them more matte as well as to thin them out some for application. It is not a product that is to be applied full strength alone. When you are finished painting you need to let the paints cure for 72 hours or more and then apply either an a permanent matte varnish or if you want to use a removable varnish like the Golden Polymer matte varnish then you would need to apply an isolation coat first, let it dry 24-48 hours and then varnish with a removable varnish.

If you wish to learn more about air dry painting and products go to Facbook and join my group where you can read all my articles in the files section, watch videos and get help from other air dry painters. It is The Reborn Connection For Air Dry Painting.


Your first?! You are a natural, this baby is gorgeous

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Yes, I forgot to say that is a very pretty skin tone! I am amazed you started with an AA as your first and did so well! That is huge!

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Thank you for that information!! That’s extremely helpful and i will be checking out those articles.

Yes, first one ever! Lol
But I have caught the bug and already order another kit to start the next one soon!

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Thank you! It’s been a fun…and sometimes frustrating experience.

I don’t have any info on airdry, but that baby is BEAUTIFUL! :heart_eyes:

Beautiful first baby!

Very pretty…

No input but wow first time? Gorgeous