First time BB Forum user need a little help!

I am new to reborning i would love to do a pudgie Fat baby,Any one know where and what kit?I just reborn a Paisley from BB I love her.Where do i buy body filler i used decorative sand at Walmart but its a 45 min drive i live in the country and we have nothing around i have to drive 2 hrs to Hobby Lobby one way.Does anyone else have kits the price of BB.Thanks

What is a “puggy baby”?

The rose bud barenguer kit is very pudgy. Not overly expensive either.

Here’s a link to pudgy limbs with a free body for a 20" for only $10.00: … ail&p=5871

You could just find a fat little head to pop on there lol.
Any of the heads in this link that say for 20" will work. … list&c=128

Honey and suger are both lil chunkers and should be back in stock soon

Thanks so much looking at the website now.

Oh okay. Pudgy baby as in chunky. I’m a little slow, but I eventually get there.

Sorry I caught the SAND not chunkie baby! If you plan to sell international DO NOT USE SAND! It will be rejected you have to use glass beads only…Just an FYI!