First Reborn sold!


Congratulations!!! What a lucky new momma!!


Congratulations!!! Whohoo!!! :tada::teddy_bear::baby:


Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!!




Thank you everyone! I have been tracking the package and am so excited! I just love the thought of my baby being loved and dressed and such. Ugh I’m a softie.


I hope you’ll feel confident to sell your babies! I feel very lucky to be a part of this group of caring people. I swear everyone seems so happy for me and never even met me!


That’s awesome! 2 in one day?! Amazing! She was really something special, but I am getting some much needed supplies! I’ve learned a lot from her and I’m even trying out new techniques.


The baby is gorgeous! No wonder she sold! Congratulations! I still remember my first eBay sale for $202.00…


It will be nice to feel my babies are good enough to sell, but selling has never been my intention. I started this to make my own babies. I buy the sculpts that I want. Someday, however, it may become needful for me to do something for extra money. If it does, I hope I can sell reborns. :slight_smile:


I have actually never had or seen in person any reborn babies. My babies are the first ones I ever had any experience with. I have to sell since I’m a stay-at-home mom and don’t have income to keep painting. I would love to just keep or give them away.


I know what you mean. We all do it for different reasons, I guess. It is a hobby for me, like crocheting, sewing, etc. I have never done work for the public. I have a friend who did that and she told me years ago (she is a bit older than I) that she would find something else to do if she had it to do again. She loved to do the work, but people want everything to be so perfect. I don’t know. I may sell someday.


I totally understand. I am blessed at this time to be able to do this. There may come a time when I will not be.


I’d buy her, she’s gorgeous! Congratulations on your sale and you deserve it! I can’t wait to see what you make next. :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: