First Reborn almost ready!


Here is “Adam” - reborn from the “Nod” kit. He doesn’t have any of his hair or his eyelashes just yet. I need to study the hair rooting process on newborns. We have one other baby being worked on now who is older (Shyann kit) and has been micro-rooted but we aren’t happy enough with him right now to post up. I’m a newbie to posting in forums so I am going to try to link up the pictures of Adam here. Asking for constructive criticisms from those who have been at this awhile. Is “Adam” looking to be on the right track? Thanks! (hope this works)


Nod is one of my very favorite sculpts -his face is so peaceful and yours is AMAZING! Love love love


He looks great… You can post larger photos than what you did… I am not sure exactly how big they go, but if you size in photobucket to 500 x ???, they will post large enough so they are easier to see detail… Put them just like you did in the body of your message and not as a attachment and they will come out just great… Nice work on a 1st baby… you must have a natural talent and some great tutorials…


Thanks a lot Ginnylee! You’re right about the face. That’s the reason we started with Nod, such a peaceful look. Again, thanks - he’s been worth every second and I’m happy we started with this one first!


Thanks tons Pia - I will try that next time I post up pics for sure. Appreciate the tip!


If you click on the tiny pictures, they will enlarge.

You did a great job on your first baby! The veining on his head is great! I like him bald.
If you root him, please do it sparsly so his veining shows!
You are on the right track.


I think you are doing great!


Great job on his skintone coloring. For your first baby, he looks awsome.


Defintely a wonderful first baby. You have a great skintone. The veins are light and blend well. He has nice blushing and detail work. The only thing I noticed and it was more on the limbs is skin depth. This is achieved with sponges as you are doing layers. You may have done this but the camera might not have captured it. Looking forward to seeing your second. May I ask—you refer to “we”. Who are you joining with on your reborn adventure?


Great first baby :0)


Good for you, he looks great!


What a sweet baby boy! I like your veining, I think you did a great job from what I can see. You should add some shine to his lips since they are so pudgy.


Kimomax - its me and my fiance. I can’t have any more children after my first and only, and recently fell in love with reborns. My fiance has always been a talented artist so I was a little envious of his abilities and just wanted something I could do of an artistic nature too. I decided on reborns. He has been a huge support, as he actually did a lot of the veining on Adam’s head to give me a “living tutorial.” We are having a lot of fun designing “our” babies. Thanks everyone! We’ll take another look at his limbs cuz I think I see what was mentioned about the layers there. Appreciate all the help!!


Wonderful job on your first baby. He looks really good!!


Baby Nod looks like a real little boy…especially in your first picture. Great first baby, and I look forward to seeing your next…and your next… and congrats on finding someone who can share this addiction with you. How much fun to work together!!!


That is great that the two of you are doing this together. Sorry that you are not able to have more children. You will soon be addicted and find that you will have lots of other kinds of “children.” I am sure they will be a comfort to you as well as the joy of creating them.