First reborn after taking a two year break Anna

My bountiful baby Anna after several rounds of primaries and then some
Powders. First time trying primary method and liking it. Also my first time using coastal scents though I previously used soft pastels I definitely am liking the coastal scents more. I’m also trying to learn to use air dry (golden acrylics) will post soon my air dry WIP


Wow that’s great that you can use all of that and it come out so well! I was using the coastal powders and trying to seal them right but they would peel alittle even though I was sure to run them in well and wipe them also :woman_shrugging:

Hope they don’t peel on me! I did a genesis was over them and will heat set later. Fingers crossed.

I have never used powders.

Welcome back to the dark side!

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It’s mainly creases that could be an issue. :thinking:

Almost finished just need details such as ears and nails and then time to root. I have some really nice dark mohair that I think would look precious on her. The hair is so nice I don’t even want to use it :grimacing:. I have a tendency to want to save all of my good kits and hair until I’m a better artist.

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She looks great!

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