First kit - Advice needed


That is a good plan. Also, I think it’s best to stay with the neutral vinyl that BB has before tackling some of the other vinyls that take neutralizing before starting. Nothing is worse than being frustrated with a difficult vinyl. When you get ready to move out of the BB comfort zone, it may be helpful to ask about the vinyl before purchasing the kit.


I know what you mean. I am still learning and only paint the inexpensive kits that I can get on sale at BB. I have purchased a couple more expensive kits but am to afraid to paint them. Maybe one day I will get up the nerve and try it…or I might just have someone paint them for me. But I do love that BB has nice kits at more affordable prices to learn on.


If you can wait till March, BB will have 25% off on 3/11 - 3/15, one time use only, code: TEAPARTY, another sale will be in December: code JOY for 25% off any order of $150.


My noob experience with BB kits (but I only ordered 4 kits so far) that even BB kits vinyl is different. Logan is very soft and thing, Paisly and Blaze much thicker, Ella is somewhere in the middle. They all in the same color range though, Ella was a little pinkier, but that was stated on her kit.


well I finally started painting! I am quickly learning that experience comes with time and trial and error. I gave up on all the tutorials I have watched and I am now winging it, lol. Unless you have the exact kit, colors, containters, brushes, etc. as the tutorial, it just doesn’t come out the same. I am really, really enjoying painting her though.


And “she” may become a “he” because that’s what the vibe I’m starting to feel from the kit.


She looks good. The first tutorial I followed was on “miracle babies nursery” she tells you which and howmuch GHSP paint to mix with your thinner and everything. It was very easy to follow.


Your veining looks very good. Keep posting your updates and good luck!


Yes, and she uses a lot of primary colors which is what I’m trying to use. I think my problem is knowing how much thinner to use because I feel I am diluting the paint too much. You can barely see my mottling. But I also don’t like obvious mottling, so it’s finding the right color and consistency I’m having trouble with. I have a feeling this is going to be a rainbow baby by the time I’m done trying to figure out what colors to use, etc. lol.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Using thin layers lets them build up gradually reducing the risk of a glaring mistake in one layer and the need to strip the kit and start over. It takes more time with thin layers but it works.


Looking great! Even as many as I have done, I still have thin/thick layers of mottling that happen. It’s easy to fix before you bake.


Here are a few better pictures.(I need to invest in a better camera.) I did a little more work on her last night. I have put so many layers and I still have so many to go lol. But I guess a little is better than too much. What colors do you guys use for the lips? I am having a hard time with lip color. I have changed the color of her lips many times because I really don’t like the results I am getting. It looks artificial and not realistic at all.


I use black with a touch of red for the most part, and seems like lots of others here do too. I might add a layer of my blush or crease color as I go. I start on my lips when I first start painting and do light layers throughout until I’m happy with them. Your lips are looking pretty good to me though :slightly_smiling_face:


I also use red with a tiny bit of black sometimes, if you don’t have black you can mix it with burnt umber and blue. I also sometimes use Quinacridone Crimson and it comes out really nicely. This baby has only Quinacridone Crimson for his lip color, I also use it for nails and nostrils.


I have black so I will definitely try that mixture tonight and see what happens. Thank you for the suggestion!


No problem :blush:


What a sweet baby! It seems Crimson is a popular color for a lot of things in re-borning. I don’t have it but I think I’ll order it with my next order. I do like the natural look it gives. :slight_smile:


Your baby is coming along great!


Definitely give it a try, it’s great for everything. Even creasing. This baby’s lips,nails,nostrils, creases and blushing are all Quin. Crimson.