First kit - Advice needed


I just purchased my very first kit to reborn myself. I have watched numerous videos and tutorials on how to reborn, but wanted to know if any of you would mind sharing where you learned how to reborn, or whose tutorials benefited you the most when you first learned. I know there are so many ways of “how to reborn”, and that you learn by doing, but I would like to start off on the right foot. Every video I watch shows something different, so it’s a little overwhelming. I am new to reborning, but not new to creating dolls or painting, and feel I won’t have an issue catching on, but I do need a consistent person to follow. Preferably someone whose work I admire, and who has a tutorial that can teach me from beginning to end. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! (Also suggestions on who has the best prices for supplies, etc. would also be helpful.) Dolls are a passion and love of mine, and reborning is something I have always wanted to do. Creating my first doll is really a dream of mine and I am sooo eager to start!
Thank you!


Definately watch @Kim_CustomDollBaby’s youtube series “reborn with me” . She uses Genesis heat set paints and is very educational and easy to understand. She has 37 videos in that playlist and other playlists that cover rooting, etc


There are many you tube videos and there is a video by Bountiful Baby that is very helpful also. It all depends on whose style you like most. Enjoy your journey…The people I watched before I started aren’t the painting style that developed because I turned toward the primary method. I still use veining techniques that I watched in video… You will find your own style along the way. Just enjoy the journey and let your kit speak to you…


Thank you! She is definitely one that I do watch. :slight_smile:


I just started on 12/25/18 and I know how overwhelming it feels with so many information and so many different ways. I just posted my first WIP pictures yesterday. I started as following 'Reborn with me", but got discouraged after my 3 layers of mottling disappeared under a flesh washing and what overall color my baby became. So I started to follow another tutorial suggestions. When I’ve got skin color that I wanted I went to back to Annette’s videos again. I think it’s ok to try different ways, as it is a learning curve for me right now. Now I am just adopting whatever technique I think will work for that particular baby. Just don’t bake anything what you don’t like.
2 days ago I also learned about Primary Colors Method, which I’ll be very curious to try.

I have so many my favorite RA here whose work I admire from constantly “watching” postings on So this forum helped me to put RA “faces” to the babies that I like.
Good luck to you!
What is your first kit?


There is a wealth of information on forums and YouTube videos. I’ve watched and read many tutorials through the years. I take away some new piece of knowledge from every one. You should try to use the same kit that is featured in the tutorial you are following, as there are different vinyls available and they can take the paint differently. Using the same kit will help you determine if you are using the right consistency of paint and such.
Many of the basics have already been covered on this forum. Use the spyglass at the top-right of the screen to help find answers to many of your questions.


This was the biggest help for me, I use Air Dry.


My 3 biggest helps when I first started were Custom Doll Baby, this forum, and this tutorial
Now I just sort of take bits and pieces of all the tutorials, tips, and advice I’ve gotten and tweak it to fit my painting style.


If you don’t mind paying $9 pr/month I would recommend Melissa George reborn artist on She is absolutely amazing and has many tutorials/ tips and tricks on her patreon page. She also has the $5.00 tier but I’m not sure of what content is provided at that level. Melissa uses air dry paints but her techniques are universal for all paint types. Good luck!


I started out using the Reborn with me tutorial on youtube. She is easy to understand and shows you every step. I found a lot of tutorials skipped steps or didn’t show everything so she was the easiest for me to follow. Once I did a doll or two I read a lot here and added little things I learned to enhance my dolls more.


I agree, she is who I used faithfully when I started. The reason being she was so light handed that as I learned the basics, I then had room to grow into my own style. Hope that made sense lol


I actually now have three kits since my first post. lol. I have Liam, Sweetie and Tracy. They were adorable and priced right for first time kits. I hope I don’t mess them up! lol.

Thank you so much for your response. I will have to go check out your WIP pictures. I will post mine when I get up the nerve to start painting. lol.


Cajuncuties, that is a great idea! I already have my kits to start with, but I may still do that if I have trouble with the kits I have. Thank you for the advice.


Looking forward to see your babies. I started on Logan since I am waiting on additional supply for Ella.


There are so many kits I want, I cant wait until I feel confident enough to purchase and paint them. I would love to paint them all! I can already tell without even starting my first doll, I’m going to go broke with this hobby. I will buy kits but will end up keeping them all. lol.


I love the limbs on Sweetie and Tracy. Crystal has those, too. :heart:


I’ve been reborning for 9 years and the pricing on kits has pretty much stayed steady. Some artists have started including the body and belly plate in that price and some dealers offer free or discounted shipping. This means they are taking a bite out of their profit. Most artists(sculptors) are only producing small batches of kits which can affect the cost of production. Personally, I don’t care for the belly plates and torsos, especially if the cost of the kit is greatly affected because it includes them. The sculptors deserve to be adequately paid for their work and time it takes to get these kits to us. As a reborn artist, I feel that we are very fortunate to have a vast variety of kits to choose from and a company like Bountiful Baby that is providing both quality and affordable kits. They are able to do this, though, because they are a large company that can order in larger quantities that usually mean cheaper prices and overhead for them.
Edited to add: To save a bit of money, keep an eye out for kits being sold by individuals. You can save an average of $20 kit by buying from the secondary market.


Thanks very much for explaining, now I understand.


It was the limbs that sold me on their kits. They are “chunky” lol. So cute!


I find Bountuful Baby’s prices very reasonable. There are kits sold elsewhere that I plan on purchasing that are more expensive, but while I’m in my learning phase, I’m sticking to the lower priced kits. I don’t care for the belly plates and all of that either. They are really only for photographing purposes. There are so many places that sell the paint and supplies though. I’m still trying to figure out where’s the best place to go for which items, etc. If Bountiful Baby had deals on shipping, I’d probably order more often from them.