First job


I just applied for my first job. Any advice?


Would be helpful if you tell us what kind of job it is.


I applied for Mcdonalds and a movie theater.


Smile, and be on time, don’t call in unless you really need to :slight_smile:

McDonald’s used to have a program for employees to help them go to college :slight_smile:️ I think they still have it. It would be a great way to start your job experience.:slight_smile:


After you put in your application, if you don’t hear anything back about it or get called for an interview after a few days, call them and ask about it. It will show them you are interested in the job.


No matter where your interview is dress nice. Slacks and a nice shirt. Look crisp and clean. One of my pet peeves is any person coming into an interview wearing jeans and a t-shirt. No matter the job I just can’t take them seriously after that,


In the interview smile, sit up straight and look the person asking the question in the eye it makes you appear more confident and approachable.


Leave your phone in your car or at home during the interview!


Good luck, and keep us informed. I’ll pray you get the best job for you at this time of your life.:grinning::two_hearts:


Thank you everyone! You are all so helpful and kind.


Well that’s exciting! Even though McDs and a movie theater are good/fun starter jobs, still try and be as professional as possible. It can be super easy to get swept away in coworker drama and it’s also very tempting to date your coworkers. DON’T DO IT! It makes things super awkward and pulls you away from doing your job @ 100%. It can also steer you in the wrong direction. If you do any special projects, keep detailed notes of them or even start building your resume off of them. Don’t burn any bridges. You never know who you might meet that can help build your career so don’t be afraid to network and get some good people to be professional references for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Stay calm and smile a lot, even during times of stress. Keep communication lines open with your manager. And if you do decide to quit, give a 2 weeks notice.

Good luck! I hope you get the movie theater gig, though, instead of McDs because McDs sounds like it could be pretty stressful. A movie theater sounds more chill.


Thanks for all the advice!!


The best advice I ever got was “don’t just show up and do a good job, show up and be their queen.”

It doesn’t matter where you work, listen learn, do your best, smile and go the extra mile (but protect your boundaries).

I have a cousin who got her first job at Jack in the Box in high school. Her first goal was to learn to do every job there from unloading boxes to cooking. Then her goal was to be employee of the week, the month, then the year. They sent her to Hamburger University (yes that is a real thing)…she went from supervisor to manager to general manager.

She is now a lawyer.

Oh…and wash your face well when you get home and have a lot of fun!!!

(sorry I am all mama)


Thank you!!


Update: I got an interview at walmart!!


Keep applying. There are a lot of odd jobs you can do as well as a job. Get to know people be friendly. One job leads to other jobs. Your friendly with a person and then they are saying hey I know someone that needs someone like you to work in their office etc. sitters with older people are always needed. Yard work or house cleaning or just someone to clean out the garage or closet. Where do you live? What state? There are alway people moving that would like some help. Be friendly!


I live in Ontario


That’s awesome! Congrats! I’ve been on a million interviews over the years and they seem to always ask the same questions, so my best advice is to Google “most frequently asked questions during interviews” and type up your responses and rehearse them out load as if you are rehearsing for a play. The last few jobs I’ve had, my bosses have come back to me saying that my interview was really solid. So it DOES work and is really worth the extra effort vs winging it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice!