First baby with eyes Kimi

my first hair job… hair sadly is a hurry job too. So not as perfect as I’d like.going to a child Xmas Eve.More than one or 2 hairs on quite a few holes just to fill the head up I have until 4pn Xmas eve to finish this head and another. Fen YenI haven’t even started.!.panic time.


Dang you’re brave! She is adorable! I chickened out of rooting my Christmas babies. :frowning:

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She is sweet! Good luck in getting everything done in time. Wishing you the best.

I chickened out on even doing prisma! Gotta love big headbands :smiley:

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Get the glue in there girl and put that baby together!!! Great job!!

She’s gorgeous x

I think it is great and if it is going to a child, no real need for the very fine micro rooting anyway if they are young. :hope you meet your deadline…smile:


Thanks everyone…I still have to get eye lashed on.Oh headband !GREAT IDEA!
Think I put some of the hair in wrong it wants to puff out.

She came out beautiful! The hair looks perfect to me!!

She looks lovely :slight_smile:

She’s looking cute! I hope you make your deadline.

She looks great and even real babies end up with bad hair times so don’t worry about a few hairs! Good luck on ffinshing on time!

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she looks so cute :smiley: