First baby looks 'mucky'


Hi all doing my first baby and his face looks mucky … like it needs lightening and a rosy tone adding as there is alot of blue under tones … Will add a pic shortly if anyone has any ideas how I might rectify it I would totally appreciate it

Thank you :slight_smile:


A picture would be super helpful :slight_smile: Also what kind of paints are you using?






Using special care nursery air dry paints so I may be limited to what I can do ?


He is still fairly orange hence why I was adding blue tones but then he is going too blue ? Lol


He doesn’t look too blue to me, but he could be different in person. He is a little orange, I would try a light blue or maybe lavender wash, and see if that helps any.




This might show better ?


I can see the blue now, but it doesn’t look too bad. I would say just continue on and if it’s still super noticeable in the end then you can do some color correction to even it out. I try not to worry if the baby looks too orange or blue or anything until the end, then fix as needed


Thank u for your help x x


Or, if you can’t get past it, I would try looking at a color wheel and matching his tone to it. Then whatever is opposite of that is the color you need to neutralize :slight_smile: