First 2018 baby girl Layla


She is my first realborn of 2018, hope to see many more realborns in 2018! This is a stunning kit.


Absolutely beautiful!




Oh goodness!!! She’s lovely!


Wow :heart_eyes: Beautiful!


Wow love her painted hair and skin tones!! Looks like a Jackie Baby hehe!! Great way to start 2018! :heart_eyes:


She is absolutely stunning! I love everything about her and her lashes are so perfect. Did you wet them and curl them up a little?


Wow!!! That’s all I have to say!!
No I have more to say- but she is breathtaking!! You did an amazing job on her!!! Bravo


She DOES look like a Jackie Honey Baby!!!


Sooooooo pretty!!




Thank you Estelle85


Thank you Alicekay56


Wow she is lovely, she looks so real.


Thank you Mommy2five


Thank you Sweetiepieapril




Avyona, thank you very much. I love painting hair.


Jennyk thank you very much, no I didnt do anything special, I just use ultra fine kid mohair in curl. I dont wet or glue them up, but do root them in a specific pattern and direction.

Katieperry, thank you sooooo much!

Rainbowbabies thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thank you


She is beautiful :heart: