*FINISHED* WIP Owen ( First reborn - thoughts ? )


Hello! I started painting my first kit almost a week ago ( actually more than a week, but I’ve gone days without touching the kit ) and was hoping some of you would be willing to give me constructive criticism. These are cellphone quality pictures, so they aren’t super crisp - and the lighting certainly leaves something to be desired, but putting that aside I’d love to hear what you think!

So far I haven’t done much at all with his lips, and more blushing was done after these photos were taken. I think I may have gone overboard with the additional blushing, but my red seems to soak up over night so we’ll see how it looks tomorrow : /

One of the main problems I’ve been having is very visible in the photos - the DUST ! I’m using air-dry paints and dust has been a huge problem. I noticed that when I’m wearing a dark color shirt, even if the kit never touches me, the fuzz somehow gets everywhere.


He’s looking good.


Wow, beautiful.


He looks really nice! Love the color on his ears :slight_smile:


Yeah, dust is a big problem with air dry. I use a powder brush to dust mine off between each layer and cover the kit up when I stop working on it. If you leave it out for a few days, you should definitely dust it off before painting again.
I don’t think he has too much blushing. He looks good, I like his ear.


It looks great to me, especially for a first baby! Mine is no where near this good.


looks great :slight_smile:


Looks great to me!


@RidgetopCreations, @Anne, @CaribbeanAzure, @debbie1 & @anjsmiles: Thank you all!
@deedee2413 Good tips - I never even thought about covering him/her up in between paintings. I’ll have to dig out a white sheet before ( if?) I start the next one.
@Jacelyn5440 I just had a look at the post you made about your first, the whole story that goes with little Silvia is SO adorable :heart:

Update: I did a bit more work…for SURE went blush crazy this time - oops! First pic is in what little direct sunlight we currently have, second is with flash.


After completely stripping my first attempt after an incident with blushing, I think I’ve got it back to where I started - maybe even a little better. These pictures were taken at night with flash (because for some reason that’s the only time I remember to take pictures) so I know it’s hard to tell, but once again I’d appreciate any feedback/comments!


Looking great !! :slight_smile:


I posted earlier today in the WIP thread, but I just got an email saying my magnets will be delivered tomorrow and of made me want to post in here, too.

Before closing him up I’m going to try moving the beads around a bit, because right now they don’t feel quite right - but overall I’m pretty happy with how he’s turning out considering I’d never tried this before!


I would be happy too if this is what my first reborn looked like. I can honestly say this does not look like someone’s first attempt at a reborn. You have done a wonderful job.


He looks beautiful! I didn’t think there was too much blushing previously.


He looks wonderful!! Can’t believe it’s your first reborn :slight_smile:


@quiltsabunch Thank you! To hear that he doesn’t have any super obvious “first baby” signs is very encouraging :smiley:

@Mommarobin Looking back on it I agree with you, I think I could have added a few more layers of flesh or a wash of something to tone it down a little bit, but stripping the kit was…an overreaction lol. Thank you for the kind words!

@Vanniek He has plenty of flaws, I think my crappy phone camera is definitely doing me some favors so I feel bad taking too much credit - but thank you nonetheless!


After fussing with some glue and magnets today I may or may not have gotten frustrated and decided that, one way or another, he’s finished lol. I think he wound up weighting about 4lbs13oz


He’s so cute! Great job on your first Reborn!


He’s cute. You did a great job on him. Owen was my first too. I love everything about that kit except for the number 666 on the back of his head. :wink:


He’s beautiful!