Finished my Vienna by Andrea Arcello, I love her... Pic Int

I just love this little girl. She has awesome limbs. She turned out much more substantial than I originally thought.
She is 4lbs 10oz 20" wears 0-3 months.
I took a few shots of her in her Biscotti gown and Halloween sleeper.

I especially love her hair. She’s gorgeous!

She’s gorgeous!!

Thank-you ladies I appreciate it!

she is so adorable,

adorable baby!

Oh Susie she is gorgeous, great job!!!

Thank-you, thank-you. Kim your baby Samiah is just TDF!!!

oooh…ahhhh! Just LOVE her!

She is gorgeous, I love her
That is a must have sculpt!

Her coloring is great - beautiful baby!

Susie, she is soo pretty! Great Work!

She is gorgeous!! GREAT job!

Thank-you all so much!!! I’m so pleased you like her.