Finished Grayson by Bonnie Brown (very pic heavy)


He is gorgeous!


Beautiful painting! Makes me want to start on my Grayson…


He is great to paint. His head is HUGE compared to his limbs. I didn’t realize quite how huge until I started painting him. I like that his limbs are not super wrinkly, so I did less creasing, but much more shading.


So I’m thinking if you ever decide to sell him, I might just have to buy him. Lol.
I keep coming to your post to look at him.
We love boy dolls at our house, but I havent found a boy kit I just had to have until I seen YOUR Grayson.
Being a collector, I’d love to buy babies over time from forum members. Making them myself of course would be cheaper, but it’s not the same as buying someone else’s work that you admire.
I would just need a 20 year layaway. Lmbo!
But seriously, let me know if you ever sell him. :slight_smile:


That’s so sweet. It’s really nice to know that another artist with d my work purchasable :blush: right now I have him set it a price that even I would deem ridiculous, but that’s about how much I’d have to be offered in order to get rid of him because I love him so much. Overpricing him keeps my mom off my back, LOL. I’m 35 and she still wants to dictate my life.

If you ever got a hold of his kit, I would paint him for you and everything and he would cost a fraction of what the one and only I have now costs.


Yes I just seen him on reborns. I heard screeching breaks when I seen the price, haha.
But he’s worth it and you may very well get that.
If I find his kit, I’d definitely pay you to paint him for me!


Couldn’t resist the mouse today at Walmart!