Finished Ethnic AA Levi- Gilded Stork


Here is my finished Levi :slight_smile:


She is gorgeous! Great job! I love your photos also!


So beautiful :heart_eyes:


Beautiful :slight_smile:


She is so gorgeous and sweet


Beautiful baby. What type of hair did you use? It’s beautiful!!


Wow beautiful baby!


Thank you! Its delta dawn mohair :slight_smile: Deepest Darkest Brown. I finally used all that I had left of it. Now I need some more hehe.


Absolutely gorgeous baby! Love her…


Thanks, I have some delta dawn hair. I will have to try it.


How did you like working with the Delta Dawn?? Did you have any problems with it?? Was it going all different directions??


no…it was all the same direction. I have had a hard time in the past with it. Its a love hate relationship. For certain colors and straightnesses…its awesome. But the curly was a nightmare. I had a hard time rooting it. The straight black and very dark brown colors are awesome to work with. Some think they might be too coarse…I didnt find that to be the case. This batch rooted perfect, lays perfectly, looks shiny and healthy, fine texture. Its a dream.


Thanks, I have heard so much negativity about it, I have some blonde and I have been a little scared to try using it. Guess I better try it!!


She’s absolutely beautiful!! :heart_eyes:


Absolutely beautiful job. Did you root her eyebrows? They look stunning. Also her rooting is really nice are you putting your needle in directionally or just straight in. What kind of needle are you using?
She looks really good. Some people do dolls that are scary and some people do really beautiful dolls, and this one is absolutely breath-taking. You have a very good eye.


Thank you @SnuggleBabiesNursery ! I painted her eyebrows :slight_smile: I used a 3D effect to make them look like real hair :slight_smile: I root directionally. I use about a 40 degree angle all over until I get to the face area…then I try to do like 20 degrees. I map out the head with prisma pencil and go in sections starting in the back. I do the whole back of the head and the sides and then I do the front and top last. I use a forked 43g needle. Unfortunately, I am the slowest rooter in the world lol!! Well, mostly its because I dont have a lot of free time and have to root on special occasions.


I love how you got the hairs in the front, the little short wispy ones to sit at an angle. It looks so sweet! I paint my eyebrows too but I am still wishing I could root them better. I do not do the 3d effect but I want to try it. They look rooted even though you painted them. It is much harder to do at an angle. I just switched to the 42 g needles and I found them at Dolls So Real. I love them. I use a 1 barb needle. This makes the holes so tiny that they look so much more realistic. You almost can’t see the plug at all. I have thought of using a pencil to map, I use chalk but I almost don’t need to any more. I always do the outline of the hair and the top of the crown first then I just go for it. I want to try more directional rooting but it’s so exhausting compared to going straight in.


Are your eyebrows rooted or painted?

I paint tiny hairs also around the face and temple, the hairline…then I lightly root over the painting. But where hair is supposed to be more like peach fuzz…its just paint, no hair.


Love this pic