Finished 2nd baby


My second baby is complete and I’d love to get some advice on what i can work on.


She looks great, especially for your second!! I’m not sure if it’s not showing up in the photo, but maybe some mottling on the cheeks, or some tiny stork bites etc. on the face to give it more of a 3D effect? TBH, she looks great and and I’m hard pressed to come up with much.


I’m not sure if this shows her face better.


I like how she looks, very nice lips!
For advice I’d say maybe a bit more mottling and try to get the eyelashes to lay down more next time. They kind of look like they’re sticking out straight forward? If that makes sense.
Great photography by the way!


Thank you. It does make sense. I’ll work on thay next time.


LOVE that lip color!!! Great job :slight_smile:


Thank you.


Beautiful baby!


Thank you.