Finally got new pics of this cutie! *Pic heavy*

Finally got my daylight bulbs set up in my studio and got some new pics of this little peanut!


Awww she’s a cutie I’m partial cause I think she looks like my daughter as a newborn

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I bet she was (and is!) A doll!
I love this little one. Tried to paint a very red preemie look. Didn’t come out as I had hoped but she isn’t to bad I don’t think lol thank you!


What a cutie, reminds me of my twin nieces when they were born premature.


Ugh why is she so cute!!! I’m so tempted. Must behave must behave!


This made me laugh!

I can’t help it, I have a problem! :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah don’t we all?

Ugh I’m going through withdrawal

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All I know is I get paid Wednesday and we’ll see how much I have to actually behave once my bills are paid :joy:

I. Love. Her. :heart:

Yes, we have our problems! Reborn people are just that way. That is why a lot of us have more kits than we may ever be able to make. But, let a darling new one come out and we will do our best to get it! :slight_smile: But, you know, you work and you earn your money – if a person has the money after bills, why not? We don’t always have a lot that we really love to do in life. :slight_smile:


So so true!!!

So CUTE! :heart_eyes: