Finally finished MEG....come see....and show me YOURS!

She is beautiful - love those lashes! BOL!

She is darling!! I also love her eyelashes and her very natural pink lips…may I ask how you colored them? BOL!!

She’s cute! BOL with her auction!

You did a great job…she’s precious! BOL on her auction!

She is soooo sweet, Bol on her auction.

Hugs Tina

Beautiful baby, Karen!
You are quick…all that hair…I’just started painting my Meg, don’t wait for any pics before 15 days…
Good job, I love the way you cut your babies fringe (I hope that’s the word )

She is so dang cute! I really like her in red. It goes well with her dark hair. Nice work. I wish I had Meg, but I don’t.

She is really pretty. BOL on her aucton.