Finally finished Ephram


Such a cutie !! You did an amazing job on her !!

Thank you.

I bought him for the contest too but I think I ruined him, still working on my mint layers, then he turned all purple…

I will not give up! No time to strip him but I can do this, I got this, it is just paint and vinyl how hard can it be?

Ok I may give up, but not without driving myself crazy!


She’s a beauty:)

Thank you.

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You might not make the deadline for the contest, but he’s probably not ruined. It might take less time to strip him and start over than to try to fix him. You still have 2 weeks but you’ve got kids so maybe not.

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I just powered through, he isn’t my best baby and I really shouldn’t submit him but I will for the experience. If I had time I may have re-ordered another kit and started over…I may…I don’t know. It was fun, comical and he isn’t terrible just not what I imagined. I like to give my babies unusual names, this one will have earned his.

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Are you going to name him Trouble? lol Will you be listing him on

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Done, not happy but done.

I will wait to do a proper photo shoot before I decide if I will post “her” .

These are quickies in my studio, crap lighting.

There are things I love but this isn’t the baby I visualized.

I am being super pessimistic, she is actually an awesome sculpt and a pretty baby but… I am being difficult.


She turned out beautiful!

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I love how she turned out! That romper is so cute!

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