Final Grade for reborners

As some of you know I am working the administrative end of a Beta Reborn Class for HS students.

We are basing grades:
35% final grade Reborn Head
25% Limbs
10% Hair (realism) rooted or painted.
5% Construction
25% Public interest.i,e watches., views and sales on our Incognito eBay site

Extra credit:
Vinyl Torso
Handmade (or by machine) wardrobe
Staging and photography

All the kits will be the same.

I was hoping I could get some good numbers on what kit to use.

Because I usually do alternative reborns, I am not familiar with the regular reborning like most of you are. Since most of you do regular baby clones and have had your experience with BB kits, maybe we can somehow narrow it down.

Because this class ate into a significant portion of the budget, a lot more than expected, we are going to have bake sales and that sort of thing to get more money otherwise we are going to be forced to purchase generic kits someone said they can get for $15 a piece ARGHHHHH.

The students will purchase their own vinyl torso and mohair. Even though we said they can use any hair, I have a feeling we are going to hear the screaming of some younger sisters (and maybe even a little brother or two) waking up and discovering their heads feel a little breezier and lighter. We may even have a few brave warriors willing to give their mom’s some new coifs

Luckily we have clever moms making doll bodies, we just need to keep a close eye on that because we also offer credit for wardrobe and I think we should take that off the table.

We have 2 boys in the class.They seem to feel like they are at a disadvantage because of that issue…

Final word

Good ideas for kits. Something that can really show their own style. I am thinking Joey or Josie. What do you think, what kit have you seen the most diverse in final interpretations.

Thanks. This is truly appreciated


I’m personally not a fan of Joey and Josie, I’ve heard other a few people aren’t either.
Maybe go with Lexi or Leah? A bit more of a relaxed face kit, so they can unleash their own personal style on them, instead of the look being dominated by the facial expression.


I do not think Joey or Josie sell well once done
I do not think preemie size is easier.
Lexi has good hands and normal 3/4 limbs
Leah has full arms (kinda strange hands) and 3/4 legs (so the body would be different)

I think a sleeping kit would be best. And sounds like cheaper. The day you purchase maybe to a class vote of the kit on sale that everyone wants? Most votes wins. Maybe only give 2 options out of the sale kits?


That is an excellent idea. But we all know how teens can be and that may end up starting a war. But I really shouldn’t say that because all these kids have shown a pretty remarkable level of maturity we never expected. Makes me think there is something to the comments about the sedate nature of most reborn artists in general.

@deedee2 I do not like josie or joey at all, they remind me of Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder episode of the Twilight Zone.

I got a lot of angry responses when I said that when the kits first came out. But since then it seems to be the mantra when describing them.

But that is why I mentioned them because I have seen some finished reborns that didn’t even resemble the kit.

What we’re looking for is detail of course (I forgot to say we were going to offer credit for those who made their own eyes) I think we should have two kits. Open and closed. The problem with closed eyed is they dont sell as well.

That is one detail on this whole art I don’t get. A closed eyed reborn to me is far more realistic and causes more confusion than an open eyes which is like a baby frozen into one expression. And that is still being debated. Two is the more popular idea, but if we cant raise the funds to buy our choices then we will be saddled with the generics and the person who has access to them (probably a semi truck illegal load robbery" at a rest stop)

Its really funny you both brought up Leah, because the kids did as well. But here’s the deal, and this may be another reason we have 2. We are offering extra credit for a full vinyl torso. Of course we could change that to plates, but we already have a vendor who is willing to give us a deal on the full torsos both male and female. So that would mean having a second it with full limbs. I really wanted to offer the extra credit on a belly plate only. And we haven’t bought anything yet, so that may end up being the case. BUt it feels like all of them are pointed in that direction. And with just a belly plate in lieu of the torso, I know they will all want to do it because they can still get the cuddle factor and cuddle babies sell better.

I hope that gives you a little more of an idea.

Thank you so much!

I know there is a crap load of knockoffs out so I would be wary of vendors making deals unless it is a normal kit dealer or the sculptor themselves.

Option of a torso limits the kits able to be used and should be bought with the kit together. (made for eachother) often the kit doesnt fit the arm/leg holes correctly, etc. If purchased from 2 different kits




So, is the end hope for these dolls to sell them? I somehow thought you just meant it was part of an art class and they would keep them for themselves.

That was my thought. High school kids can be very immature about private parts. Some are likely to make fun of those parts, others are likely to be uncomfortable with them. As an adult with 5 kids, and nearly 30 years working with infants and toddlers, I still have no desire to paint doll genitals. I don’t see it as an appropriate task for kids at all. :grimacing:


I prefer non gendered tummy plates. I never know what the kit I am working on will be. There is many times I have thought boy the whole process until hair rooting is done. Then added a bow and definitely a girl. Had I painted a gender specific plate or torso I would be mad.


Well first off I wish there had been a reborning class when I was in school!! What a cool idea. I think a smaller kit that is is sleeping would be best. But Leah’s limbs really bug me. Her face is cute but I’ve done her and Lane and the hands were her to paint. Spencer is a really cute kit! Lots of adorable versions or him. Also very versatile as a boy or girl. Although he has 3/4 limbs. Would still work with a belly plate though. I wonder if BB would give you a school discount or bulk discount since it’s for school. I agree with the others about belly plates/torsos, just make sure it’s okay with parents and the school. Best of luck to you!! I hope you can share pictures of the babies your students make when they are done :slight_smile:


I mentioned that before
We have 14 girls now and 2 boys. I was so impressed with the boys because when we did torsos, the girls were kind of at a silly plateau when they got their torsos and some really did not know how to detail the boy torso. But the boys were so mature and helpful, it actually makes me cry even now. They were really helpful to the girls with any silliness. Just factual information. They even told the girls who couldn’t seem to get grip that they were going to help someone else until the girl regained her composure.her composure

We only had one student quit because her parent would not sign or approve the form letter we sent home.

@jlesser yes, we have now decided a front plate and they will get 3 options, boy/girl/gender neutral
We decided this because people use those even if they have 3/4 limbs. Its just a little creative dressing and they look natural.
@Jacelyn5440 the kits they have been doing all year go to the health class. the end of the year option is to sell them on ebay registering views, watches and sales.

but that is too much of a mess so they are going to have them in the gym during parents day and after that in the cafeteria during lunch for a week. but this could all change and probably will because everything has thus far.
There are so many arguments about fairness and popular kids getting more attention, that is why we are showing them for sale to parents first.
and we need to find funding for next years class if they are approved.

i really dont want to get this thread closed down so lets say that is the last word on belly plates before it turns political.

i know. i so desperately want this to work. Some of these kids have really come alive and now have goals. and that is nothing but good.

i can’trecall why, but they dont want to ask for discounts from vendors or freebies. the situation with the generic kits brought that issue to the surface and we were told we cant do that.

i need to rifle thru my mound of paperwork to give you a firm reason why.

My vote for open eyes is Shyann!

I cant believe I was just about to tell everyone the choice and I kid you not SHYANN

I cant wait to see what they do so I cn send phtots and let everyone here see how their remote teaching has worked BEAUTIFULLY!

I also came to share a fun thing we did today. We bought these little $2 4 inch: vinyl dolls and everyone got pne. But they were just perplexwed becuse they thought this was our choice for their final grade

15 mi
Nope just a fun idea called SPEED REBORNING!!!

They had 15 minutes to reborn that baby. We had two models yje one above with the tongue sticing out and another little serious guy.

All they had to reborth was the head.

And they would get extra credit if they could do something we didnt cover in class…like a clever idea

Here is the winner. And look at the peach fuzz. A boy did that little guy

Is it just me or did this little guy suddenly develop an attitude?


When it comes to grading, you should post them on here. Make a poll or something. What better way to grade than to have lots of other artists give input? It would be fun for them and for us.



But you need to know they have their favorites here. They throw your names around like you are old friends…so funny :smile::laughing::joy::rofl: :neutral_face:


7 minutes, wow!
Speed reborning sounds like a fun, but very stressful idea.

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I would love to vote on your classes babies! Great idea @Katinafleming that sounds so fun! Your class sounds so fun


i cant believe that painted hair in 7 minutes!


I don’t either lol. I got used to seeing torsos pop up during videos on YouTube but it’s still jarring to see fake baby parts. This lady does them very realistic but it’s not for me at all. :rofl:

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Continuing the discussion from Final Grade for reborners:

Because of my typical verbosity you may want to skip this diatribe and go straight to the bottom for info on their projects.

I had ro quit my reborn HS class. I was purely administrative anyhow and was doing it via Skype.

But the project I was on was so labor intensive and frustrating I had no choice.
Then an explosion happened not to far from my studio, then the fires. We thought we were far enough away to away to be involved, but the chemicals saturated the air and we were forced to leave. I took heads and hair because luckily I was more fortunate and did not have to go to a shelter. I stayed with friends. My studio was intact, but there were a few things we still cannot find and they are expensive.

I was put in the hospital for what we thought was exhaustion because I was working nonstop on the 17 customs I ignorantly accepted,then subsequently screwed up and all I would do is work till I passed out. But I was given a diagnosis that I still am reeling from.

My adorable HSers came over while I was in Hospital and actually finished some of the work and prepared shipments. But they did not know about my custom boxes and the COAs. And I have no idea how the finished products looked though they assigned the persons they consider to be the best in the class and from what I am told, there was no green envy. So So proud of them.
I appreciate them so much, but I am a little worried about those shipments that went out.

The “regular” art instructor was there as well and kept saying "Custom art is an oxymoron, It is too personal and comes from a part of you that cannot be altered by someone elses desires. Especially if you barely know them" and "'A self respecting artist should never do a custom ANYTHING!" followed by :These are the ugliest dolls I have ever seen, anything you do to them can only be an improvement"
The kids eventually asked him to leave. (he’s a little controversial, he starts every school year making his students watch the movie Basquiat)

So here is the timeline:

  • Kits were delayed for G_d knows why from the factory
  • Kits were delayed in being delivered because of bad weather
  • Kits had issues and needed not only to be replaced, but the custom bodies were wrong on 2
  • My computer decided on its own to upgrade a version of Windows 10 that was corrupted, acting like a virus and anytime I opened a directory in file manager it erased everything in the file and then corrupted the file itself causing me to buy a new computer. ANd lost 3 days just getting everything usable.Yes, it was windows and microsoft, no it really wasn’t a virus. ANd how they are getting away without massive law suits is beyond me. I now read all terms and agreements before I do anything for fear I will be turned into a human centipede. (SouthPark)

  • First hospital stay for hemorrhaging Couldn’t figure out why (I need to thank everyone. I was told some of the folks here donated blood)
  • Explosion and evacuation
  • Second more life altering hospital stay

But I did find a silver lining. By the time I got to my 14th kit, I finally had that VOILA! light bulb moment. And figured out less is really more, you dont need to paint even half as much as I did
I had some pretty unbelievable support and kindness from artists I never thought would even say 2 words to me. ANd customers who sent me gifts, a huge stuffed elephant, a gorgeous blanket.

I passed along the idea about the students posting their babies here for the final grade, but they were already 10 steps ahead of me (they spend way too much time on this forum but I bet all of you cant wait till June to meet them on here directly) and started the ball rolling. The principal is having weird issues, hopefully they will work it out. But I believe the idea is perfectly brilliant. Only thing, if they do it none of that walking on eggshells. Critique them like you want to be critiqued.

Thanks to all of you for being the ace teachers you are! And I will try to start giving the Cliff Note version of what I want to say in the future.