Few Kits For Sale

Hi Everyone,
I would hate to do this, but I need to slim out a few kits to finish up some Christmas Shopping.

If anyone is interested in any of these kits, please send me a PM.

TAMIE YARIE- Maggie Nose has been opened and there is a slight nick in the vinyl near the nose. This is a small flaw which can probably be lightly sanded or filled in when painting. On ONE of her arms (I believe it is her right arm) there is a marking where the arm was set on a newspaper. Ink transferred onto the arm. A lot of the mark came off leaving it very light…This will be able to be painted over when doing the flesh base coats but I just wanted to note anything I saw wrong with the kit COA Included. Very Hard To Find Kit. SOLD OUT Edition! Asking SOLD

TAMIE YARIE- Natalie With COA. Brand New. Mint Condition. $100.00 + Shipping

BB Pink Limbs (I believe they are Tory’s Limbs, but I could be mistaken)… Mint Condition. 1st Quality. $15.00 + Shipping

Please send me a PM if interested. Thanks so much!

I sent you a PM about Maggie.

Pm’d ya back!

Maggie is now SOLD. Thanks so much!

no Taylor Yarie?

Hi Janan,
I have a Taylor, but not too sure I could let her go…

Do you still have the limbs???