Hi everyone,
Just like in my last post I bought an OOAK Denise Farmer baby today and now need to recoup some funds by selling some “forever baby kits”…

I have:

Brook- BB $30.00 (Reduced $25.00)
Cheryl Webber- CALEB $45.00 *Sorry, thought it was Chase I have, but it is Caleb.
Aubrey Pink Head $10.00
Silicone/Vinyl Limbs and Cloth Body for 20-21" doll head (New, Untouched) $30.00 (COME WITH FREE GIFT)
Hard Luca Head (Partially Rooted) (Can remove hair before shipping) Looks like head may have been stripped. Comes with Berenguer SE Full Limbs $35.00 (COMES WITH FREE GIFT OF MY CHOICE)

If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. I will only offer these items until I am able to put some funds back from what I spent on the OOAK.

Edited to add prices

How much are you asking for Chase and Rachel?


how much are you asking for Kameko Kit

Could you list the bb kits you have and the prices for all of these - that would be so very helpful!

Bump- Prices Added.

Just added special deals if anyone is interested!!

Edited as I thought it was CHASE By Cheryl Webber that I have, but I was mistaken. It is CALEB that I have.