Felix - LHOH (my 56th)


Assemble my Felix today. He is a Little Hearts of Hope kit From @MacPhersonCrafts

I gave him sponged hair. :slight_smile:


Jenni, you are on FIRE!!! WOW!!! I can’t believe how much you get done; you make me feel like a SLUG! :smile:

Great job on him, as always! Love that hair!


Thank you :slight_smile:
You are so not a slug! That is 56 in 2 years! :wink: No where close to what you can pull off. :slight_smile:


LOL…well, lately I’ve been going at a snail’s pace, it seems.

I bet your little man lasts about 10 minutes ~ someone will snatch him up in a heartbeat! :heart:


By my 2 year Anniversary I will probably have half that many done, lol!


So beautiful. How did you sponge paint his hair?


I use the same sponge I use for varnish and pounce it on.

I add black with the varnish or thinning medium then pounce, then bake. This one has 2 layers.


So cute, great job !!!


He’s a Sweetie! Love those big brown eyes


So cute, love his lips.


He’s so sweet! I have not heard of sponged hair- what a neat idea! I love his lips!!


Darling Baby!!!


Thank you everyone.