Feedback on Sam please

So, I did a couple of custom dolls that are not my “style”. They came out beautifully and really pushed my envelope. Consulting with the customers and having their honest feedback made me grow, even if that feedback wasn’t always what I wanted to hear. The last two babies I made I used that feedback to create dolls similar to those customs paintwise. While they are good, I don’t love them. With Sam, I returned back to a style that really speaks to me. It made me love this kit that I was originally not crazy about. That being said, I do want him to appeal to customers. So here are some photos. They have been edited slightly to make what my eyes see match the photo coloration most closely. Critique him as if he were your custom. Imagine that I charged you $400 for this baby that I’m showing you right now and let me have your opinion. Let me know what you would change to make this baby appealing to you.


Warm white no editing. All pics are cell phone pics. I am looking at them without blue light filter.


Since you asked - my first impression is that he has a rather uniform orange tone; sort of a one-note symphony.
I feel he needs more details on his eyes and his head.
To me, he doesn’t look finished.
I like more pink/mauve/lavender color around the eyes.
His lips and eyelids have the same orange color where I think they need a rosier, more plum color.
He doesn’t appear to have eyebrows and his nails don’t look done.
He needs hair but I assume you’re asking primarily about his skin?
He doesn’t appear to have much blue undertones although I do see some on his face, but not his limbs.

I see blushing, shading, purple undertones around mouth and eyes. Looks like mottling on his head. I think he looks really great. I love the suntan look to his skin. I’ve had people ask me for that. Some people don’t like the pinkish baby, although I actually do. I can see all this now that I’ve had cataract surgery, thank God.


True, he does not have much undertone painting on his limbs. Where would these blues be placed? Also, he does not have eyebrows or nails done yet :slight_smile: I am still working skin tone.

Back of the hands, also the palms going down the arm towards the elbow. I also usually put some blue on the soles of their feet and around the instep and on the other side of the foot, going up the leg a little.

I do have that. It is hard to catch on my cell phone in the house at night. Here is an angle that shows it a little more than the others. Should it be bluer?


Lips are done in Q.crimson. They do not look orangey to me at all under the Ottlite.

I added blues to the limbs. Great suggestion! They have so much more depth now :star_struck:

Thank you. I really want to improve. The last thing I want is a monochrome baby. I am very sensitive to color and I can see many hues (I am a verified tetrachromat). Sometimes I am afraid that my subtler colors don’t come through.

Blues heightened on feet. My phone just won’t pick up what I see :confused: I will try daylight tomorrow :woman_shrugging:


I have a True Color monitor for my Mac, and her lips look rosy, not orange. She has a warm complexion but I don’t see too much overall orange. She looks warm and alive to me. Maybe a little biracial, too, if that’s what you are doing with her. I can see a little purple around her eyes, and rosy blush a little on her forehead and some on her cheeks.I can also see blue around her eyes and near her mouth where undertones are. I think her color is quite pretty. If you are going for a nice warm look, I think she’s looking good so far.


Thank you! I was actually shooting for cool pink look, but I can never seem to make that happen :sweat_smile:

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It’s hard to get these babies to behave! :grin:

so adorable!i think it looks fantastic.

Your baby is pretty.
I hope you know that just because I gave the critique you asked for, that that doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty!

It’s rather daunting to give critique because you don’t want to hurt a person’s feelings or offend them…@Peachtree

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Oh, I know! I I’m very pleased that you had the courage to say those things. I jumped right on that paint table and implemented most of them. The placement of the blues and enhancing around the eyes really took him up a notch. I am tired of being good enough. I wanna be prototype good within 4 more years. I beefed up a lot of the secondary tones. This is him now and he looks better (and still pretty) :wink:


Some time ago I took a tutorial class on REAL forum, it was called Sun-kissed Europen Glow and the skin tone you’ve painted here reminds me of it. You did a lovely job.

In the tutorial, the undertones and mottling were very subtle like you’ve done here and weren’t the same pinkish, blues, yellow, etc shades that would be used with other Caucasian skin tones. I’d show you my finished baby, but he didn’t quite make the cut lol, but this is what he was suppose to look like.




I really like what you have done with this kit!! It is a lot dollier than the Realborns and you made her into a baby! Well done!!

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Thank you. I really love these old kits. The prices make me less hesitant to experiment. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that needs a lot of validation before I even come close to believing my work is any good. All I see are flaws and "next kit"s.