Feedback needed with rooting


Hello All. It’s me again. I need some opinions. Should I make the middle of the swirl thicker or keep it light? In pictures it almost looks bald but in person I just have it very light. What do you think? Do you have any swirl pictures?


Awesome ! I like it.Light looks good.You may not want to hear this but when I enlarge it I can see a few little tails in the swirl that need tweezing out.Other than that it looks great.Come root all mine for me.I absolutely am the worst at rooting.I should just leave all my babies


Thank you so much and I love constructive criticism. I appreciate it and I will do that. I’m just starting to get this swirl thing down. Lol.


Well, you are doing awesome.


Thank you :blush:


Unless I paint them, I stink at swirls. Yours looks good. Maybe could be a tad thicker.


looks perfect!


@jeanhai… Okay, thank you so much for your feedback :blush:


@Denise1988… Awe… Thank you so much :blush:


@MaryJane @jeanhai

Is it getting better in your opinion?


Perfect now, IMO


Looks awesome.Great job !


@jeanhai @MaryJane… Yay!! Thank you so much for helping me out :blush::blush::blush:


Beautiful Job!!! Looks like you got the swirl down. :slight_smile:


@missannie2 Awe, thank you!! :blush::blush::blush: