Feedback I got for my reborn Allysa (Melina) that sold BIN


I got this email from the buyer today on Allysa (Melina) and it nearly made me cry! I starred out the names since it was a private auction.

— Begin quote from ____

Hi Angie,

Allysa is here! I know a lot of people were critical of this sculpt, but I loved your photos of her and I DEFINITELY LOVE her in person!!! ******(husband) also is impressed with her and all of her extras, especially her rag doll. You did an amazing job reborning her. Her photos didn’t do her justice at all, and I don’t find her hair to be pluggy. Trust me when I say this. I had a reborn that I sold, and the hair on that doll was definitely what I would call pluggy! Allysa’s is not! Also, thank you for all of her extras. I can use the outfits because I don’t have anything in 6 to 9 months for her to wear. ****** is on vacation next week, and I’ve already told him I want to go shopping for her a Halloween outfit. K-mart has some cute ones on sale, and I hope they have the skunk one I saw in their sale paper in stock. Thank you again for allowing me to adopt her. I’m off to leave you some very positive feedback on eBay!

Dolly hugs,

**** and Allysa

— End quote

The Ebay feedback she left says:
— Begin quote from ____

BEAUTIFUL!!! Photos don’t do her justice; great communication & fast shipping!

— End quote


Awww! That is so sweet! I am very happy for you It’s always nice and appreciated to hear kind words like that. Congrats to you!


I thought she was exceptionally beautiful also…


Awe, how exciting! I love great feedback.


That was so wonderful. It sure makes you feel like all your hard work is appreciated! Congrats!!


Congratulations Angie! Those good feedbacks just make you break out in goose bumps!