Favorite Toddlers

Who are your favorite toddlers? Are there any out there other than Doll Dr? I hate their vinyl. Hoping to generate some ideas.

I agree…love the toddlers but hate DD vinyl…its twice as much work

Some of my favorite toddler kits are: “Nicky” by Jackie Gwin; “Lacey” by Shelley Halperin and, of course, “Arianna”.

I haven’t ever ordered from D Dr, but what is the problem with the vinyl that it is twice as much work? Just curioius…

DD vinyl is very soft and squishy which makes it a little bit tougher to paint and root. Anyways, I love Bella and Bonnie. I think we are going to see some great toddlers coming out soon.

I love Bonnie and was lucky enough to find her in the seconds box at Discover Dolls show so she was a bargain £15! She is the only large sleeping kit I know of and would love to see more large sleepers.