Favorite Kit Challenge PARADE Part 2!

Presenting (in no particular order) round 2 of dream babies! Thank you so much ladies for sharing your beautiful babies!!!

Link to the 1st round of dream babies:

(I forgot to gather the reborn artists info, I’ll edit that info in soon.) Thanks Yelena for adding the info!

*Edited to say: I took my baby out of the parade because I was worried that a just born micro preemie could potentially be a trigger for some people. I created a separate post and every person who replied gave the green light to share him, so I’m adding him as the very last baby in the parade. If he is a potential trigger and you still want to look at the babies he is directly after the gorgeous Sam baby. :two_hearts:


They’re all super cute!

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1st pic - Tanya @PutABonnetOnIt from Put a Bonnet On It

2nd-3rd - Yelena @YelenaRey from Yelena’s Reborn Little Stars

4th - 5th Katina @Katinafleming from Katina Lee Babies

6th -7th Valerie @Vanniek from A Twinkle from Haven

8th - 11th Amanda @quiltsabunch from Amanda Gregory Handmade


Thanks Yelena for taking care of posting that info for me!

I had my baby up here too, but took him down. I have a separate post on why.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!


You are welcome.

Thank you!

They are all beautiful! TY @YelenaRey

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Put him back in!!!


you are welcome! I am glad to be in such great company and was proud that I know all artists besides those beautiful creations.

@Babies Lisa, you should add your baby back to this parade. He is your dream baby and you work hard to bring him to live, he should be here!!


@Vanniek and @YelenaRey I added him back in as the last baby and added a word of caution to anyone who could potentially be triggered by him. Thank you so much for your support of my art! :two_hearts:


I’m glad. :slight_smile: He’s gorgeous!


Thank you so much!

Great job everyone! The best dream babies ever! If there is another round count me in!