Favorite Comedy Movie?


Bad Moms and the classic Mean Girls! :wink:


I know this is a Thanksgiving movie but in my house had become mine and my husbands Christmas eve tradition. We put our little down for the night, make some adult drinks (or open them in his case). Watch this movie and wrap and put together toys from Santa. I just love this movie.

I love all the 80s comedies anything with Steve Martin, Bill Murray, aykroyd, John candy. I don’t get to watch a lot of current movies as my daughter has hijacked the TV for the last few years :blush:


Hangover was hilarious…and the older movie, Bachelor Party also Airplane, All of the Monty Python movies, A Fish called Wanda, All of Mel Brooks Movies, Used Cars, Slap Shot, Bill & Ted movies, Caddyshack, Friday, and Rush Hour.

I also love the Marx Brothers movies and Laurel and Hardy.


I think this would be under the comedy category… anybody remember “Don’t tell Mom the Babysitter is dead”?? I love that movie… also “Hangover” is my all-time favorite, “Big Daddy” “Don’t be a Menace” “The Friday’s” Napoleon Dynamite" and Liar Liar to name a few