Favorite Comedy Movie?


I know this is a Christmas Movie but I love Elf. I only watch Horror, if not too bloody and SciFi. My favorites are Space Movies.



Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


And I agree, Funny Farm and Money Pit😁


Gotta love John Candy. Uncle Buck:joy:


I want to see the new IT movie for Halloween this year but I typically watch Poltergeist, Interview with a Vampire, and The Sixth Sense.
I also love Raising Arizona…“Son, you got a panty on your head” :joy:
I also love to watch 13 Going on 30…its one of those guilty pleasure kind of thing :wink:
I love every comedy you guys listed aside from Dumb and Dumber, sorry I just never liked that one but I do like some of Jim Carrey’s movies, especially Liar Liar…Love Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, and John Candy. Also John Belushi, Animal house and “We’re on a mission from god” The Blues Brothers.
Just too many to list!


Anything with Madea or Melissa McCarthy.




The washing machine scene was so awesome!


Mr. Mom is another one that I really like.


How did I forget what about Bob? What about Adam Sandler? The one with Robert De Niro? Anger Management. Grown ups was funny too.


Joe Dirt
Happy Gilmore


Kindergarten cop and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


War of the Roses
Twins…Danny DeVito and Arnold


Yes to Happy Gilmore :slight_smile:


Three Fugitives, the first Vacation, Turner and Hootch, Kindergarden Cop


Tommy Boy!


Miss Congeniality, Kindegarten Cop, Liar Liar


Get him to the Greek and role models and happy Gilmore :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Weekend at Bernies


Wrong thread lol so deleted pic but on the topic laugh so hard at War of the Roses


The princess bride is one of my favorites.