Favorite BB sculpt for a ginger?

hi guys! I am thinking of taking the ginger class😃 which newborn from bb do y’all think would make a beautiful ginger baby?

I think Lilly would be so cute as a ginger wait u said newborn hold let me check again

Sadie I think is a good match for ginger

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Heather makes a cute Ginger.

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I’ve done Trey and Honey both as gingers but I think any of them will look good…the skin tone just has to match the hair.

I think Lexi, Liam, Rose, Gemma, and Sadie for smallish babies. Jesse for bigger. :grinning:


I like R ose or Liam or Sadie too!
Debbie G.

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I think Gabriel would look amazing as a ginger. That or Awake Presley.


Asher, Elsie, Kimber or Blaze

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Thanks guys! I have to look them all up!

I can’t wait to see pics!

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That’s what I was thinking! Lexi!! Thanks Cali!

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Maybe Raine? Or is he too big for the newborn class, and actually he doesn’t look like a newborn. Hmm…

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