Faux formula


I have a customer who wants a bottle woth faux formula. I have no idea how to do this. Any ideas?


I use Wal-Mart brand fabric softner…I think it’s called Jojoba, and it looks just like formula…cause it is an offwhite/cream color…and I fill the end of the nipple with 100% silicone, and let it dry really good…and it doesn’t leak…and fill the bottle about 1/2 to 3/4’s full…and if you don’t wanna mess with it…you can also buy bottles already made up from
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Hi, For faux formula, I used a half baby bottle of water with a dab of white craft glue, (it has to be white) then with the end of a toothpick pick a dot of yellow food colouring in it to give it a slightly yellow ting. for juice just water and food colouring. they get some silicone and in the lid where the teat is clog the teat hole (at the end of the teat) and make sure you screw the bottle on tight. maybe put it in a sealable bag to ship. hope this helps have fun.


do not use water!!! i will eventually mold cause anything with water will do this. if you cant find the walmart brand fabric softener. theres a new kind from snuggle bear (lol) called creme. its a very formula like color. i take my bottle and put loctite super glue just right over the hole in the nipple. just enough to color it, but not too much cause it will make it slightly cloudy. i fill the bottle to the amount i want (ususally enough to make it look like the baby drank some but not a lot). then i use silicone sealer to attach the nipple to the ring and the ring to the bottle so none of it can be taken apart. also be sure that if you use a bottle with a design on it, you warn the new mom to keep it away from the vinyl or it will adhere to the baby. i use the gerber bottles that come in the three pack. they are smaller and have purple, green, and blue rings. good luck!


I also use snuggle creme jojoba. It has a nice color and consistancy, and you can still smell it in the sealed bottle. I use clear silicone in the tip of the nipple and let it dry overnight, then also put a thin line of silicone around the top of the bottle before I screw the nipple on. I use glass bottles and I haven’t had any problems. I made one using water and a little antique white paint at least 6 months ago, and when it separated it left a ring around the bottle. When you shake it up it still looks good, but then I tried the fabric softener and like it much better.