Fantasy Elf/Fairy Question


So I’ve been in search of a fairy or elf because I’m a nerd who plays Dungeons and Dragons and want to make an elf. I have yet to find a fairy that is large enough (18-22in) that I actually like or isn’t sold out. (I’d kill for Ira by Wegerich :slight_smile: So my question is, how hard will it be to modify say a Quinn or Asher to have elfish ears??

Thanks in Advance!


This is a case for… @Miss_Kitty :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Or @izzy :grinning:


I’m not an expert. At all! But I’ve seen clay mods and some type of workable plastic? It looks good.


How about Barnaby?


I’m looking for more baby look, hes going to be a half elf lol


Maybe a Shawna Clymer kit. She makes a lot of fairies.


I used Super Sculpey on this Claire kit to make fairy ears. I sculpted directly on the ears, blended the edges well, and baked directly on the kit. They’re on there pretty good so I never glued them or anything. I paint with Genesis, and I coated them in an opaque layer of paint that generally matched the kit color then painted and baked as normal for the rest. There are small cracks along the edge where it meets the vinyl, but I just covered that with hair :blush:


All the ones I really like are sold out :frowning:


I think Barnaby looks ok as a baby. Not my pic.


Yeah this one is pretty cute. Something about the eyes though.


More I look at him, he is kinda cute haha


Is he little though? think hes a 15 incher.


He is 17 to 18 inches.


These are awesome. I think I’m going to use an Asher awake I just got. Are your markings prisma or paint?


The new Denise Pratt baby!!! I forget her name but she is brand new , her prototype is on eBay. She would be an adorable elf!! Or fairy!


White Prisma :blush: Asher will make a perfect elf!


I have Violet by Shawna Clymer. She is the “baby” versions, she doesnt have pointed ears but is the exact same as the fairy kit.
I would be willing to sell her discounted


I think I’m going to pick up some super sculpey and make asher work, thank you though!


I’ve been hoping to do something similar, I’d love to see your results!