Family Love (A dolly story for those who like to have fun)

Aww, what a cute story!

cute, Angie -


cwut crawdroopwets - mes lik dere spwellin. Der coosins wives wif me und mes sista! Dey has watts uf coosins.

…duh! I am so dumb! I thought this was a foreign language at first!


— Begin quote from “rose481”

…duh! I am so dumb! I thought this was a foreign language at first!


— End quote

Me too, German! That was cute. Reminds me of the show Rugrats.

and I’m thinking…“I have some high school kids that spell like this!”

So cute Angie thanks for sharing, I love your newest baby!!

too cute angie i love it when people enjoy having fun with their babies. never ever too old to play dolls. kay

Thanks ladies! German huh? You all keep me laughing! I figure I am young at heart so why not live it!

I had emailed this story to my husband for kicks last night. This morning I asked him if he read it yet. He said, “Yea, I looked at it and it was cute but I couldn’t read it because it was all in German!” LMBO! He was serious too! I told him that it was not German but baby talk! He was flabbergasted!

I love the Lee Middletons and they are what started my whole fascination with dolls. In fact, when I was a kid I would spend hours looking at the Middletons in the JCPenny Christmas catalog but I never got one because they were so expensive for the times. The first time I saw one in person was after I was nearly grown and was in a JCPenny store at a mall in Atlanta. I was amazed at how they were weighted and were like holding a real baby. Ever since then I wanted one. Sassy was my first Middleton purchase and I got her 2-3 years ago when Doll Market had her for $65.

How about that? You are bilingual without even knowing it!

Your story is cute and was fun to read!
I bought a Middleton from JCP for $185 (still have the box and tags) in the early 90’s, before Lee died. The same doll is much cheaper today.