Falling in love with some kits, not so much on others

I have fallen in love with both of the Fagan kits Ive made- I am working on a custom Raine right now, and I am falling in love with him! Hes precious! I wish i could make him look like the prototype pic.
and I am working on a punkin for a custom as well, I am taking turns on the two of them, and although punkin was a kit that i thought was precious when i bought it, its just not working out for me! im not loving her, so its taking me a really long time to get her done.

does this happen to you too?

good to know i am not alone on this one!! yep i know EXACTLY who you are talking about with the ears thing! I dont know what it is about the Michelle Fagan sculpts but I find their big round faces so appealing to the (my!) eye!~

Denise Pratt is great too I did a Byron he was wonderful to work with.

I hear ya both. That was how I was with Kyle! I stripped in two times!! He’s serving another purpose now. He’s growing on me. I do love the details that Denise gives her sculpts. And, yes, those sculpts with clubs for limbs!!!