~Fall Scape at the White's House~

This is an annual tradition to do a Fall Scape for my yard. I love doing it and this year I had help from my little grandaughter. We usually take pictures after were finished and the neighborhood children get their pictures made by it. I am still a child at heart it seems! Hope you enjoy.

The holder for this arrangement , I picked up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee from a church groop who makes them out of local tree bark!

Working on a table centerpiece with Indian Corn, Gourds and Pumpkins

Well I love ALL of it. I usually do something similar in my front yard but my hubby just did a few pumpkins and 2 yellow mums this year. It really gets me in a holiday mood. Great job and i love your house. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Your house and display are beautiful! Fall is my favorite season.

Thanks So Much! I thought this would get everyone in the “Fall Mood”!
I usually go all out for Fall/ Halloween , but this year is was more fun with
my little grandaughter helping and everything was on Sale. It’s an ongoing project…I find a sale, then I add more stuff! I do love my porch, especially
the Rocking Chair!

I love fall too. What a great display, although I thought the post said “fall scape at the white house”. rather than the White’s house.

I love Fall and I love your pictures and I was going to decorate more outside this fall but it has rained so much. Good news our new trees are bigger and the color is looking great. It’s so happy to hear about the children- what a joy.

I’d love to know where to go in Tn to see the lovely home in the next to last post. Tennessee has great color and they just love to have lots of plants/trees along the highways and interstates.

That house is decorated so nice.

     Hugs Tina

The rain has been awful here as well. We had a big storm that got both of our Bradford Pear trees in our front yard. We had to plant the ones in the picture recently and now wait to see them grow. We also had so little rain this summer the grass died and is just now growing back. I looked for the usual corn stalks to put with the decor but they are all rotten from being water logged. Crazy weather were having here. Right now it is soooo beautiful with the cold snap all the leaves are turning and it’s beautiful!

Love it!

I love your decorating!

I love your fall scape & your “white house”!


Thank you for your nice comments everyone! The White House is kind of a joke thing because our last name is White. All of our friends and children refer to it as the White House (the one in Tennessee that is) ha ha ha!