Facebook yes or no?


I’m seriously thinking about dropping my fb page. It’s a lot to consider as I have two business pages attached to it. So I will probably lose them also. I do enjoy messenger sometimes. But it seems that every time I go on the negativity is just through the roof. I do like being on the neighborhood pages to keep up to date on happenings. We live in Florida so it can be some high crime. Should I keep the account? Lol


I took a Facebook break (other than my business page) back in October. I recently logged back on and I have to say that my life was definitely more peaceful without it. I will probably be taking another break very soon. :wink: All the negativity, sad stories and meanness trigger my anxiety and I find it hard to come back from that some days. It effects my home and family so it’s best that I avoid it.


It doesn’t cost you anything, and it gives you exposure for your businesses. I’d keep it and just go on FB when you really feel like it to interact.


I’d say that social media serves a purpose, so it’s worth having, but sometimes it’s good to limit your exposure. I only use mine for posting pictures of babies and responding to messages from customers, but am not up there much otherwise. I also do not participate in any debates or drama.

I’m not sure about Facebook anymore, but on Instagram you can mute people where you don’t see their stuff. Or I straight out unfollow. I am sensitive to the ugliness that can be there from time to time and will not expose myself to it.


I feel somewhat the same way. However, I never get the negativity that everyone talks about. Maybe because I don’t post a lot on it. I try to only post uplifting things. And, FB somehow does not always send the messages to my page. But, I don’t care, so it’s OK with me if they do. I do know that a lot of people have that negativity problem. And, I don’t mean to sound as though I think I am just so nice or anything like that. I think it is just the lack of exposure. I can’t deal with a lot of that nonsense, either.


I mute people who are negative or post a lot of stuff I don’t want to see. You’re still “friends” but you only see their stuff if you go to their feed. (My brother is muted because I don’t want to see his political rants. :woman_shrugging:t3::joy:) I also remove most groups from my feed and view them from the groups tab instead. Just some options to make Facebook more bearable.


That sounds like a good way to do it. I wouldn’t want to hear political rants from anyone, either. I like the way you roll with that.


I only use it to keep up with family. I rarely post and usually skip over the junk posts (large family, no time to check out every reposted video, etc). To be honest, it’s way too much of a time waster. It’s either that or spend time doing funner stuff!


So true. If we don’t watch, there are things that will just waste our time and we won’t have gained anything from it. Just a waste of time. I agree with you.


I have never done FB for all the negative reasons stated above. I have watched both of my DILs
and seen the damage it can do, which in my opinion, FAR outweighs any positive aspect of it.


I deactivated mine and I couldn’t be happier. It’s just the same stuff over and over on there, and at times it literally gives me anxiety.
I log on occasionally but for the most part, it stays deactivated. If anyone wants to contact me, they can message me on messenger or call/text me. You can keep messenger active even though your page is inactive.


Wow, I didn’t know you could deactivate it and still log in and use messenger. Most of my hesitation has been neighborhood/town knowledge esp with our fire and hurricane seasons, then we have looting after the storms. Sounds like a horrible place to live but it’s not really. Just def need to be aware. :slight_smile: I love the local swip swaps too.
I also have Bible groups that I’m in and all of our family is far away. I am hardly on, but when I do the feeds can be so negative. Not the Bible one’s of course or family, just so many other things.


Yes, it will ask if you want to keep messenger active.
I log in when I need to look at my neighborhood watch page. I actually did when my packages were lost and ranted on the page. Lol
You also have the option of having certain peoples post not show up in your news feed. This may be a good option for you being there are so many other post you do like.


I have it for my business…I have it for personal too but only glance at it once in a while…facebook has basically become a place for stupid memes.
You could try instagram too, I have that as well.